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Ecuador mountaisn

Climbing Ecuador

OLA offers an excellent selection of mini-tours (duration of 3-4 days). Feel free to combine different day trips to produce an exciting multi-day holiday of a lifetime. From the thermal springs to mountain climbing, Ecuador has it all!



Mountains Easy, Moderate

The perfect Mountains of Ecuador have every thing form easy hikes to full on mountain climbing but with our professionals any one can get to the top of the world.Read more



Day Tours & More in Ecuador

Stuck with a free day to kill in Quito? At a loss for ideas of something different and original to do? Why not try out one of our exciting day-tour options?Read more



Mini Adventures

OLA offers a great range of mini-tours that are perfect as a short getaway from Quito and are designed to take the stress out of your travels. So you see more of Ecuador through the eyes of a profesional!



Spa Treatments

Ecuador is home to an excellent range of acclaimed yet affordable spa resorts which offer superb service, plenty of pampering, as well as a broad choice of modern spa treatments. You need to try this just to see how good you feel after! Cotopaxi! Hostels



Ecuador Hotels and booking at no extra cost!

OLA Adventures has carefully tested and selected the very best and most consistent hotels in each category within Quito and the Galapagos. We are happy to make any reservations you may need! After a big day in the Andes let us help you out! link to hot springs!


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Great to hear from you and good to hear you are acclimatizing!
Spoke to Patricio, our guide, today, he is wondering whether you can make it on Monday instead of Tuesday  to reserve all the gear, just to secure we get the right footwear.

Kind regards,


Yes, I am already in Ecuador and have already began acclimitizing. I actually just spent the last four days along the Quilotoa loop, which as you probably already know has an altitude pushing 4000m. I also plan to spend some time up near Cruz Loma in Quito in the next couple of days. So far, I have no problems with the altitude. In other news, I am absolutely free to meet on tuesday 20 May at 1000, just give me a location, and I´ll be there.
- Nic Sedenquist

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Subject: Re: OLA Adventures

Hi Nic,

Just a few questions, are you in Ecuador already?

If you are it would be a good idea to try and acclimatise yourself to the altitude, maybe try and summit Rucu Pichincha and if climbing Iliniza Norte is a possibility then that would be even better.

I will be going up with you to Cotopaxi along with Patricio our guide, as believe it or not I haven''t climbed Cotopaxi yet either.

Just wondering whether you are free to meet myself and Patricio next Tuesday morning at 10:00am to pre-book all equipment needed for the climb.

Look forward to hearing back from you.


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Hi Nic,

Hope this email finds you well.

Just to let you know that your deposit cleared. We will be in contact to arrange a time to meet you so that we can take you to hire all the equipment that you will need for Cotopaxi.

If you have any questions, don''t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

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No worries Nic, nice to have you on board!

 <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> wrote:

    I just wired the money to Fairbairn Bank at the Isle of Man, the wire goes out tomorrow (the cut-off time had passed for today.) Please let me know when it gets there, and thanks for your patience!

<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> wrote:
Hey Jon,

     Sorry I haven''t been keeping in touch as much as I should. I''m absolutely up for climbing, and I have put some thought into the account transfer, since I''ll be in Ecuador on Monday, would it be easier to pay for it then, or should I still transfer money to the bank in the UK?

Thanks a ton, and I''ll get right on that deposit!
- Nic Sedenquist

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Hi Nic,

Great to have you on board! If you would like to pay the 50% deposit in US dollars. That being a total of $125,  below are the account details for our bank which is a very respectable one:
However,  if you would like to pay in Euros or Pound Sterling, we have accounts in these currencies as well.

Hope to hear from you soon,

 <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> wrote:

Thats great news! Now, how would I go about making a deposit on the climb?
Thanks a bunch,
- Nic Sedenquist

A great photo of the jugle here in Ecuador



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“One of the most remote, ecologically sound and culturally sensitive ecolodges in the world.”




Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve is located in one of the most remote and well protected parts of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Deep in the nearly two million acres of the Achuar people’s territory, Kapawi is accessible only by air—flying in small planes over an unbroken green expanse of rainforest. Kapawi is an award winning eco-lodge noted for its comfort and quality of service, for its ecological design and sensitivity, and for its abundance of wildlife and rich biodiversity.






ParranaBird jungle






The beauty of the Kapawi itinerary is that it is entirely flexible. You can design the most suitable program for your interests and fitness level when you are there. Activities range from a low physical level, to medium and high and are specially tailored for your group by the guide.




Maximum group size is 10 people, and groups are led by 2 guides - 1 naturalist, 1 Achuar local guide.




Some of the potential options include:




  • visit to the Achuar communities
  • treks in the rainforest - short hikes on well-defined trails or demanding hikes through poorly defined trails
  • canoe / kayak trips
  • bird-watching
  • wildlife-spotting
  • fishing
  • optional overnight camping in Achuar community (advance reservation required)
  • night safari



Kapawi represents a genuine alternative to the Achuar people against destructive deforestation practices. At present up to 70% of the workforce at the lodge are from the Achuar community, and up to 60% of local Achuar income comes from tourism.




The lodge itself is also built with ecological equilibrium in mind - built on stilts to minimise impact on surrounding vegetation, powered by a hybrid solar energy/diesel energy system, using biodegradable soaps and detergents, ecological sewage and waste disposal systems, and recycling of plastic/glass/metals. 
As such Kapawi is the largest and most successful community based project ever developed within Ecuador. Internationally recognised tourism awards that the lodge boasts include: British Airways tourism for tomorrow 1998, Conservation international excellence award, 2004 sustainable tourism awards finalist, Skal international ecoutourism awards 2002.



Ecuador jungle


Mode of Transport: Kapawi is located close to the Ecuador/Peru border on the Pastaza River.


Due to its remote location the lodge can only be reached by air from Quito via the small town of Shell in a small 19-person twin otter aircraft. Note that due to the nature of this small-aircraft flight it is not uncommon for delays to occur to the flight times.


What’s included?



    • Lodge accommodation based on double occupancy
    • 3 meals per day whilst at lodge
    • English-speaking guide
    • All activities in flexible itinerary
    • Transfer between airport and lodge


  • Entrance fee to Achuar Community ($10)
  • Quito-Shell-Quito (overland): $60 per person
  • Shell-Kapawi-Shell (flight): $274 + 12% tax per person
  • Tips / drinks from bar / other personal expenses




Prices for Kapawi 2010



Occupancy 3 nights/ 4 days 4 nights/ 5 days 7 nights/ 8 days
Double $799 $999 $1699




*Single supplement: add 40% to price list / Extra bed: deduct 40% for third person


3 nights /4 day tours: these tours leave: Friday - Monday


4 nights /5 day tours: these tours leave: Monday - Friday


7 nights /8 day tours: these tours leave: Monday - Monday OR Friday - Friday




If you have questions, require further information or would like to reserve a space please email or telephone (English spoken). To read more information about booking, click here.