Peguche waterfall

These photos give you an idea of some of the activities & places you can visit near Otavalo .


guide_waterfall.jpg hand_made_parth_Peguche.jpg
imbabura_ecuador.jpg Mountain-bird_small.jpg
near_otavalo.jpg Peguche_cave_kids.jpg
Peguche_cave.jpg Peguche_photos_otavalo.jpg
Peguche_waterfall_man_in_ti.jpg Peguche_waterfall_north_ecuador.jpg
river_Peguche.jpg waterfall_shower.jpg
otavalo_products.jpg otavalo_rug.jpg



Otavalo art and products

These photos will give you an idea of the variety and great products on offer in one of the largest indigenous markets in South America


otavalo_art_wall.jpg otavalo_art.jpg
otavalo_clothes.jpg otavalo_egg_arts.jpg
otavalo_had_carved_cocos.jpg otavalo_jade.jpg
otavalo_jewlery.jpg otavalo_market_Ecuador.jpg
otavalo_market_products.jpg otavalo_poncho_ecuador.jpg
otavalo_pictures.jpg otavalo_products_chess.jpg
otavalo_products.jpg otavalo_rug.jpg
otavalo_rugs_products.jpg otavalo_shopping.jpg
otavalo_south_america_rugs.jpg otavalo_street_market.jpg
otavalo_table-cloth.jpg otavalo-market_cars.jpg
otavalo-market_coloured_hat.jpg otavalo-market_details.jpg
otavalo-market_ecuador.jpg otavalo-market_products.jpg
otavalo-market.jpg Otavalo.jpg
bird_man_Ecuador shopping_otavalo-market_products.jpg


Paul Van DYK 2010 Ecuador

What a great night had by every one in Ecuador, can't wait until 2020

Paul Ecuador

Birds near Otovalo

'The photos say it all Ecuador the country where there is something for everyone in this great great Birds or Pry.You''ve got to love it!


big_bird_condor big_bird_Ecuador
big_bird_flying_andies bird_flying_Ecuador_south_america
bird_man_Ecuador bird_south_america
buzzered_bird_ecuador.jpg condor_baby_Ecuador
condor_small_ecuador South America cool_hark_Ecuador
eagle_south_america Ecuador_illinesas
falcon_galapagos falcon_south_america
flower_of_ecuador Hark_Ecuador_quito
kids_with_bird_South_America snow_white_bird_sa.jpg


Carla Pons - mainland Ecuador trip family trip Cuenca



  • 9th July – Arrive in Quito
  • 13th July - Leave towards Otavalo, sleep in Cusin.
  • 14th July - Visit Otavalo market and surroundings and return to Quito in the afternoon.
  • 15th July – Visit the thermal springs in Papallacta (Spend the evening at Termas de Papallacta hotel).

To read and see more about Otavalo



Cenca Ecuadoe

2nd August - Flight to Cuenca. Visit the city of Cuenca, also called the "Athens of Ecuador", with a stop at the Calderon park, the Old and New Cathedrals, the Flowers park, the City Museum and the Modern Art Museum.

During the tour you will also enjoy a brief visit to the Cañari-Inca Ruins of "Todos los Santos" and have a last stop at the rivers gorge of Tomebamba and Turi from where you will appreciate a wonderful panoramic view of Cuenca.

 3rd August - Departure from Cuenca towards the two small villages of Gualaceo and Chordeleg.

 These villages are well known for their numerous handcrafts places, Panama Hats, Fabrics and Silver Jewelery.

4th August – Visit the Cajas National Park which has more than 200 lakes.

5th August – Spend the morning relaxing in Cuenca and then take a flight back to Quito 

Please take your time to have a look over the costs for this trip, I would like to say that this price could be reduced

by looking at the guide driving you down to Cuenca. Costs

  • Please don''t hesitate to email if you have questions. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.