Reina Silvia'

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The Reina Silvia, one of the finest vessels of her size in the Galapagos, permits you to discover the Enchanted Islands in relaxed comfort. It has a slightly better itinerary than the Some of the others that are in this Catagory which includes 1 day visiting the Genovesa, and also has the advantage of air conditioning.queen
Reina Silvia Motor Boat
"It was a pleasure to be aboard what seemed to be one of the most luxurious and modern MB around the Galapagos waters - great service and facilties." (Aaron Smith, UK)
Arrival in Baltra,South Plaza Island
Genovesa (Tower)
Pta. Espinosa - Tagus Cove
James Bay - Bartolomé
Charles Darwin Research Station
Pta. Cormorant and Devil''s Crown Black Beach
Gardner Bay
Black Turtle Cove, - Baltra



Length: 90ft
Beam: 22
Speed: 10 KNOTS
Crew: --
Level of guide: II or III
Capacity: 16 passengers


Number of cabins: 8 twin / double cabins.
Private bathroom: yes
Safty: Two life rafts (25 persons each)
Hot water: yes
Sundeck:280 sq ft
Dining area:  530 sq ft
Contact us to book a Galapagos tour.SNORKELLING / DIVING
8 days
Snorkelling: included
Diving possible: no
Price / immersion: --
Minimum number of immersions: --
Minimum number of divers: --
* Prices may increase if boat operators put prices up for certain popular dates (especially July / August)
or other agencies sell their charter spaces to us at higher prices.
* All boat information is correct at time of publishing but subject to change by the boat owner or National Park authority.



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