Sulidae Galapagos

The Sulidae is a small motor-sailing yacht popular for its striking buccaneer style. Although basic in some of its services (i.e. no hot water) it does regularly receive good feedback from our clients and offers a unique cruise boat experience. Sulidae
Motor Boat
"“An awesome cruise with so many highlights that I lost count! Many thanks to both guide and crew for making it so special.”
San Cristobal airport, La loberia
San Cristobal: La Galapaguera, Sleeping Lion, Puerto Grande beach
Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin station, Highlands
JFloreana: Pirates caves, Loberia
Isabela: Sierra Negra volcano, Chico Volcano, Beach, Flamingo pool
sabela: Bay of tunnels, Las Tintorerasch
Daphne (snorkelling), Seymour or Bartolome (in fast motor boat)
San Cristobal: Interpretation Centre, Airport

dinner galapagos


Length: 63 feet
Beam: 16 feet
Speed: 8 knots
Crew: --6
Level of guide: II
Capacity: 12 passengers


sulidea GALAPAGOS yacht
Number of cabins: 6 twin / double cabins.
Private bathroom: yes
Hot water: NO
Sundeck: YES
Dining area:
Contact us to book a Galapagos tour. SNORKELLING / DIVING
8 days
Snorkelling: included
Diving possible: no
Price / immersion: --
Minimum number of immersions: --
Minimum number of divers: --
* Prices may increase if boat operators put prices up for certain popular dates (especially July / August)
or other agencies sell their charter spaces to us at higher prices.
* All boat information is correct at time of publishing but subject to change by the boat owner or National Park authority.