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  • Published: Thursday, 15 November 2018 20:37
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Hi Bob
Well I think that at this rate we will have more fun if I come up there for a holiday, as last time I was in NY, I spent the whole time trying to see Illustration agencies for work.

Still as for your trip, I was thinking something along those lines, either flying straight into Guayaquil and I will meet you there or Quito and working our way down. But knowing what surfers are like, I always find you hit the waves first and the rest second, otherwise we will all be like caged animals on caffeine.

What I''m  thinking is maybe meeting you guys in Guayaquil  and seeing what we can find along the southern facing coast of Ecuador, as at that time of year we should have some luck. If that is no good, then we can head further south, near Tumbes in Peru. I don''t know too much about this area, but I have heard that there are some god waves around these parts. I will keep working on this.

One thing, are you bringing all your own boards? Also how late do you want to leave it before booking flights, as the later we leave it, the better the forecasts we will have? However,  if this costs more then I wouldn''t worry as I''m sure we will get something and if not, there are some cool mountains to jump off if the caged animals need wearing out.

I will keep in contact.

All the best
Jonathon Stanton


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