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Darwin - Includes air ticket

26th June - 3rd June 2016:  $2429


Multi Day Adventures

Ecuador mountaisn

OLA Adventures offers an excellent selection of mini-tours (duration of 3-4 days). Feel free to combine different day trips to produce an exciting multi-day holiday of a lifetime. From relaxing in the thermal springs to mountain climbing, Ecuador has it all!



Mountains easy, moderate & Surprised
The perfect  Mountains of Ecuador have every thing form easy hikes to full on mountain climbing but with our professionals  any one can get to the top of the world.Read more
mountains Ecuador
Day Tours & More in Ecuador

Stuck with a free day to kill in Quito? At a loss for ideas of something different and original to do? Why not try out one of our exciting day-tour options? Read more


Mini Adventures

OLA offers a great range of mini-tours that are perfect as a short getaway from Quito and are designed to take the stress out of your travels. So you see more of Ecuador through the eyes of a profesionals!

Volcanos Ecuador


Spa Treatments

Ecuador is home to an excellent range of acclaimed yet affordable spa resorts which offer superb service, plenty of pampering, as well as a broad choice of modern spa treatments. You need to try this just to see how good you feel after! Cotopaxi! Hostels
Ecuador Hotels and booking at no extra cost!


OLA Adventures has carefully tested and selected the very best and most consistent hotels in each category within Quito and the Galapagos. We are happy to make any reservations you may need! After a big day in the Andes let us help you out!

link to hot springs!



News Ecuador

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