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Dengue In Ecuador

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As I told you I will phone the Ministry of Health today once offices are open but this is some information I found on the web.

It appears that there was an out brake of Dengue in the whole of Ecuador with 614 case registered on 29th Jan 2010, these out brakes were not limited to the coastal region with 101 cases of dengue in the provinces of Chimborazo, Bolívar, la Sierra, Zamora, & the Amazon.

In response to this the government increased it's fumigation as a fight back, which does seem to have had the designed effect.
In July-August 2002, a major dengue outbreak resulted in more than 5000 cases, including the first cases ever reported in the Galapagos Islands (see the World Health Organization). Seven additional cases were reported from the Galapagos in the first three months of 2010.
So in the last outbreak in January Galapagos had 0.01% of all cases in Ecuador.
Sorry but no newspaper info in last few months here.
I did also take the time to put in some other interesting links

I hope this info helps you and I look forward to seeing you, maybe bring some DEET for the wedding day as the location of the wedding is 800 m lower than Quito and there are a few mosquitos.
Personally I think the risk is minimal. Isabela is much less inhabited than Santa Cruz & San Cristobal, plus your hotel is eight on the beach, which means there will be a constant sea breeze thus much less mosquitos. There are many daily tours you can take without going to San Cristobal.
Up until this point in 2010, Galapagos has had 7 cases and Manabi has had 3,000 cases.

Personally you are probably much more at risk in the Manabi region, maybe you want to consider Cuenca instead of Manabi. You can drop this article into google translate to read: link I will also ask about how Manabi is doing at present when I phone the Ministry of Health.