• The Adventure: Adventure Sports, jungle adventure and relaxation.
  • Physical rating: 7-8
  • Adventure rating: 8-10
  • Adventure Highlights: Exploring the jungle, swim in cristal clear water & waterfalls, traverse through two national parks on a raft (Sangay & Llanganates) & get a feel for local culture.




  • Day 1 Leave Baños at 8am and start making our way to the river Pastaza (level III+). Here we will begin to navigate down the river on our way to Puyo going through two national parks: Sangay & Llanganates.  We will travel down the river for about 2h30mins. we will then stop for a break and a snack and carry on travelling down the river for another 2hrs. until we reach the small town of Santa Ana, in Puyo. A car will be waiting for us to take us to a town known as Palora, in the province of Morona Santiago. Here we will stop for some lunch by the side of the river on the entrance to the jungle. After lunch we will take a 30mins. drive until we reach our camp.


  • Day 2 We will have breakfast at 8:30am and then we will take a walk through the jungle where we will be able to observe both animal & plant species and a few waterfalls. Here we will take a break and have the opportunity of swimming in the waterfalls themselves. We will then return to camp for some lunch and afer lunch you will have the opportunity of planting your own tree and this way contributing to protecting the rainforest. In the afternoon we will visit the town itself and learn from their agriculture and fish farming methods.


banos-rafting 2690489170_4ee6d24c03_m
Baños the Adventure Sports capital of Ecuador.  


  • Day 3 We will have breakfast at 7:30am and then we will drive for an hour. Once we get to our detination, we will walk for about 20mins until we reach the riverside. Here we will start to navigate down the river for about 3hrs. down the cristal clear waters of the river Palora (level III+ & IV+). We will end our rafting adventure in a town called Arapidcos, where we will stop for some lunch before returning to Baños. 


Mode of Transport. We will be traveling in a fully expedition equipped 4X4. On board we carry a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, maps & tools. The vehicle will be driven by a trained and licensed truck/coach driver with many years of experience driving expeditions throughout Latin America.


Your guide. You will have two rafting specialist guides one of which will follow on the side in a kayak for safety and one driver on this adventure. Qualified guide


What’s included:


  • Transport in a safe and comfortable 4x4, with plenty of space for you and your bags.
  • Trained, experienced, bilingual guide.
  • Camping style accommodation
  • All meals
  • Rafting adventure

Not included:

  • Personal snacks and drinks



$320 per person for an all-inclusive 3-day tour for 4 or more people. Need more information…? Would you like to reserve a space? Still not sure yet? Have more detailed Questions? See what other people say about us ... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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