The Adventure: High Andean Volcano trekking Physical rating: 6-10 high altitude trekking….
1 Day adventure to the Equator, Puluahua volcanic crater and the Cloud forest. Type of Adventure: Day trip taking the varied landscapes and climatic zones around Quito Physical rating: 2-5 Fun day trip with the option of some trekking Adventure rating: 3 -5 Some dirt road driving, the chance to trek in the mystical Cloud forest. Altitude of 1800m -2900m Adventure Highlights: Photograph of being in the Southern and Northern hemisphere. Taking part in the crazy equatorial experiments at the Inti Nan solar museum. Looking across the huge Puluahua crater. Drinking good coffee with hummingbirds in the lush tropical cloud forest. Click here to see photos.

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Journey to the Middle of the World for your famous picture with one foot in each hemisphere: northern and southern. Visit the Ethnographic Inti Ñan (Sun God) museum where we can take part in equatorial experiments.Next we continue our drive to theamazing Puluahua volcanic crater for Andean views.


Form here on owe descend to the lush green tropical cloud forest on the western slopes of Pichincha volcano where we will stop for a fresh fish lunch (other dishes available).

We then move in expedition mode and hit the dirt roads heading for the world famous Bellavista Inn, enjoy a coffee together while watching hummingbirds or go trekking enjoying cloud forest''s fauna and flora.

  • 08:00 Meet in La Mariscal area of Quito, before leaving for the Equator
  • 09:00 Have your picture taken on the Equator with one foot in the Southern and the other in the Northern hemispheres, or take part in some equatorial experiments.
  • 10:30 Enjoy the amazing views across the huge and bio-diverse Puluahua volcanic crater.
  • 11:30 Head down into the lush tropical Cloud Forest, one the most bio-diverse forests in the world.
  • 13:00 Fresh fish lunch (other dishes advalible) in a rustic Cloud Forest restaurant with fantastic views of the green tropical forest.
  • 14:00 Drive along the beautiful lost dirt roads of the Cloud Forest to the amazing Bella Vista Cloud Forest reserve. 15:00 Time for a coffee, relax watch the amazing hummingbirds. For those with little more energy a trek in the Cloud Forest on the well maintained trails of the Bella Vista reserve.
  • 17:00 head back to the Quito along the old road on, we can watch the lush tropical Cloud Forest give way to the high Andes Mode of Transport. We will be traveling in a fully expedition equipped Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4. The Land Cruiser is both safe and comfortable and has legendary off road capabilities. On board we carry a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, maps, tools, GPS. The vehicle will be driven by a trained and licensed truck/coach driver with many years of experience driving expeditions throughout Ecuador.


Your guide. This adventure well be guided and driven by a qualified guide with many years of expedition experienced in Ecuador and Latin America Please look at the ($$$) as this will help with pricing. We always provide off the beaten track type adventure with a high European standard of safety. What’s included?

  • Transport in a safe and comfortable 4x4, with plenty of space for you and your bags.
  • Trained and experienced Mountain Guide will lead all of the treks.
  • Entrance on to the equator museum.


  • Personal snacks and drinks
  • Lunch in a local restaurant ($2 - $5)
  • Coffee at Bella Vista lodge ($3)

What to bring?

  • Walking boots or strong trekking type shoes.
  • Waterproof jacket.
  • Sun glasses.
  • Sun cream.
  • Sense of adventure…!

Cost... Only $55 per person!Minimum of 4 people

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