So what is life like in Quito, you may ask? Here at OLA we have been making the most of our time here and pushing the city limits! Firstly, we start our day with a morning visit to the climbing wall where we keep fit for our adventures in the high Andes and practice our climbing skills. In the last year the climbing wall has gone from strength to strength, and soon they are opening a new boulder section that will allow beginners better access. If you ever fancy a climb, (whatever your ability) then contact us here at OLA.

Along the same active theme we headed up the Teleferico last weekend. For those not in the ¨know¨ , the Teleferico is a cable car that takes people up to the huge 4800m Rucu Pichincha volcano that looms over Quito. For sightseers and trekkers alike this is a great way to get high in the Andes and gain some amazing views of Quito, and can be completed in a day. The top station is at 4100m thus meaning to reach the summit you still have to climb 700m. This may sound easy, but remember there is far less oxygen at this altitude …


Finally on Sunday we got on our bikes and headed into central Quito. Normally this would be an extreme sport, as with most Latin American cities the traffic is unpredictable and dangerous! However, this Sunday (and every other Sunday) the roads are closed to traffic and thousands of people hit the road and cycle the 30km route. For me the best part is through Quito´s historical center, its such a great way to see the city. If you ever want to join us for a ride then > contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.