I have just got back from a trip to Galapagos & I thought I would share this experience with you all. First of all this was a work trip and we had to work hard as I''m sure the photo will show, the job was for a great clothing company that has just opened called ''Lonesome George & co.'' and if you like the clothes we have on please click on the link.

lonesome_george santa_cruis_copia

Lonesome George

 Main Island: Santa Cruz

Traveling to the Galapagos Islands for a clothes company was not the way I thought I was going to get to know these great Islands but as you can imagine I wasn''t going to say no. They have inspired their clothing, mainly t-shirts on the turtle which scientists haven’t been able to reproduce, making him the only turtle of his kind, known as George.

gardner_bay golden_rays

Gardner bay on Espanola

Golden Rays , sharks and who knows what else

Let me start of by saying that what an incredible place the Galapagos islands are. I always thought that they were over-rated but I was definitely prooved wrong. We had the opportunity of visiting many islands whilst on board the Eclipse, a luxury yacht in the Galapagos islands. Being on this yacht was simply breathtaking and an eye opener too. On one of our evenings on the yacht I was chatting with the one of the owners of the Eclipse and he was telling me how the fuel consumption figures are about 2200 gallons a week, which is about $7,000 per week and a further $40,000.00 on maintaining the generator per week. Well this explains the high costs that many luxury yachts charge their clients. I do have to say it is definitely worth paying a bit more and going on a yacht like the Eclipse as you spend a lot of time aboard the yacht and it is nice to have space to yourself and to be able to walk a little bit and stretch your legs.

eclips_galapagos eclips_galapagos_boat

Big ''Thank you'' to Eclipse

 The Eclipse is as close as you get to Luxury cruising.

The weather was just incredible whilst we were there and what surprised me most of all was the colour of the water. I have travelled all over the world and have never seen such a perfect turquoise colour. Just incredible. Furthermore to see so many different species of animals at such close reach added to the magic of being there.

espanola_galapagos galapagos

Lets Hope LG isn''t the last of his spieces

The best of the Galapagos Islands