The Chinimp Tuna Project

Help an Indigenous family address Cultural, Social and Economical Stresses

Chinimp Waterfall

Sloth on Night walk

Pastaza river

Program Description




The women of the community make ceramic handicrafts, very typical of the native culture. The volunteers can also educate the women about nutritional and health issues as well as help them sow and produce more vegetables.



During the school year, volunteers can teach the children in subjects such as mathematics, science and English. Another way to participate is to teach new things like games and other extracurricular activities, and encourage the love of learning in general.



Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn a lot about the Shuar and Kichwa cultures, including the languages, typical food dishes, harpoon fishing, legends, medicinal plants, and many other things.

Each volunteer will be able to go to the jungle and observe, plants, fruits, animals, rivers and the waterfall at Chinimp Tuna (in Shuar: “Swallows of the Waterfall”) from which the project has taken its name.



If the volunteer has knowledge or experience in other areas apart from those mentioned above, it is possible to plan and realize a new educational community project in the chosen field.

Volunteers may also have the opportunity to participate in community work and fiestas with the Kichwa and Shuar people of Chico Copataza!!


Cost: $570/month 

Includes: Accommodation, food costs during his/her volunteer work time.

Excludes: Travel insurance - Transportation - Personal expenses

Language: Although it is better to have background in Spanish it is not a requirement. However, being able to speak Spanish will insure a greater ability to make a significant contribution; the inhabitants of the community speak only Spanish and their native Kichwa and Shuar.

You do not need a university education related to conservation activities, just to have great interest in the conservation of nature and activities related to human development.

If you have any questions, require further information or to reserve a space please email or telephone (English spoken). To read more information about booking, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.