Glacier School and Antisana Acclimatization!
Saturday July 13, 2019

Ecuador Volcano Antisana

(Subject to variations due to unforeseen circumstances during the trip)

-5h15 Meeting at our office in Valladolid N24-663 and Coruña edf Brana.
-6h00 Exit.
-6h10 Presentation dynamics
-6h50 Lectures on geology, history and the origin of The Avenue of the Volcanoes
-8h30 Approx. Arrival at the Mica and registration at the Ecological Reserve
-9h00 Approx. Stop first control in the Ecological Reserve
-11: 00 Arrival to the Virgin and preparation for the Glacier School
-12h30 Start to the Glacier School
-16h30 Start of the return to the virgin
-18h00 Arrival at the quarry, start of the return to Quito
-19h00 Arrival at the first control
-20h30 Approx. return to Quito

Clothing and equipment

- Comfortable thin 1st layer socks.
- High warmth 2nd layer socks.
- Pants 1st layer mesh NO JEANS (prohibited)
- Very warm second layer trousers
- Waterproof windbreaker 3rd layer trousers
- Glasses maximum factor 4
- Buso sheltered 1st layer (Polartec type)
- 2nd layer thermal pump
- Waterproof jacket 3ra windbreaker with hood
- High mountain boots with back support for crampons
- 1 pair of crampons with 2 front ends
- Pair of leggings for mountain boots
- Waterproof thermal gloves or mittens
- Harness with carabiner
- Helmet
- 1 Ice Ax
- Sun protection protection factor 30 or more
- Lip balm
- Minimum backpack (30 liters) for box lunch, drinks, etc.
- Cuellera buf
- 1 Trekking staff
- Ski mask
- 1lt thermos or bottle for drink.
- Head lamp

Required equipment
-Walking stick


-We will not have height problems, however it is recommended the previous days an intake of foods rich in garlic, lemon, pearl onion, legumes and vegetables and plenty of water.
- Rest well the night before so you can fully enjoy this enriching experience.
-The lunch provided is very sustained, however it is very important to come with a very good breakfast.
-Important to have a camera (cell phone is enough) to immortalize those moments.
- Come with a great predisposition to enjoy to the fullest and get the most out of this trip.


- Up to 7 days before departure, 100% refund.
- Up to 5 days before departure, 50% refund (change of destination is recommended) All refunds will be credited to a next tour on a credit note.
- 4 days or less does not apply refund.

Guidance Services
In case of requiring the private guidance of our guides, these services are available only through the agency and an advisor. All our guides have signed an exclusivity contract which does not allow them to guide any of our passengers directly outside of the programs or tours in any modality, whether it is paid or simple accompaniment.