Welcome to the Cotopaxi Summit!
July 20 and 21

Thank you for participating in our tour, below, details and recommendations
Itinerary (Subject to unforeseen variations during the trip)
Day 1

· 8h00 Meeting in our office in Av. Valladolid and Coruña. Ed. Brana N24- 663 (3 blocks from Plaza Artigas).
09h00 Punctual departure.
During the trip
1. Talk about progression in glacier and clothing
2. Engagement talks and equipment
. 11h30 Arrival at the Control of the Cotopaxi National Park
. 12h00 Arrival at the refuge parking lot, walking and training techniques
. 12h15 Start of the walk to the refuge
13h00 Arrival at the Refuge
· 14h30 Theoretical school of progression in glacier
16h00 Return to the refuge
4:30 pm Dinner
· 17h30 Talk about the ropes and last details of the tour
18h30 Rest
22h00 Waking up and preparing for the ascent
23h00 Start of ascent

Day 2

07h00 approx. arrival at the summit
12h00 approx. Return to the shelter and rest.
· 14h00 Start of the return to Quito.
16h00 Stop to eat
18h00 (approximately) Arrival at the office

- Comfortable slim 1st layer stockings.
- Half-layer high warm coats.
- NO JEANS 1st layer mesh pants (prohibited)
- Very warm 2nd layer pants
- Windproof 3rd layer pants
- Glasses maximum factor 4
- Coated buso 1st layer (Polartec type)
- 2nd layer thermal sweater
- Waterproof windbreaker 3rd layer with hood
- Pair of leggings for hiking boots
- Waterproof thermal gloves or mittens
- Headlamp with new batteries for 8 hours of use
- Sun protection protection factor 30 or more
- Lip balm
- Minimum backpack (30 liters) for box lunch, drinks, etc.
- Sleeping bag
- Cuellera, buff
- Ski mask
- Thermos of 1lt or bottle for drink.
- Sandals for use in the shelter. (you can rent them at the shelter for a cost of $ 1)
- Headphones

Required equipment:
- Trekking stick
- Harness with carabiner
- Helmet
- 1 ice ax
- High mountain boots
- 1 pair of crampons

-We will not have height problems, however, it is recommended the previous days an intake of foods rich in garlic, lemon, pearl onion, legumes and vegetables and plenty of water.
- Rest well the night before so that you can fully enjoy this enriching experience.
-The lunch that is provided is very sustained, however, it is very important to come with a very good breakfast.
-Important to have a camera (cell phone is enough) to immortalize those moments.
-Come with a great predisposition to fully enjoy and make the most of this trip.