A two-day inspiration.

I now have confirmation that we will be heading off to Quillatoa Crater Lake, for three days from Friday, 6th, returning on Sunday. This involves a 75 mile drive in the OLA- Adventures Unimog and more basic accomodation at the World famous Black Sheep Inn.

Beach life, 'I seem to always start off by saying sorry for it being such along time since my last Blog - well this time is no different. Sorry!

Life has been busy lately not leaving much time for blogging. OLA- Adventures has been spending lots of time at the beach, soon we will have lots of new routes and itineraries taking in some of the least touched areas of Ecuador. Of course there will be a few places that you might recognize from the guide books but we still want to offer our clients life beyond the guide books as Ecuador has so much to see and do. So you may ask what is beach life like in Ecuador? Laid back in a word. I have been living in Canoa which is in the Manabi province, this area is one of Ecuador poorest provinces with most people making a living, just about, from farming. Being only 70-km south of the Equator and only a few hundred meters above sea level its a hot and humid all year round. This is a place where mangos grow wild and banana plantations cover huge areas, all very tropical. Then there is the mighty Pacific ocean, an ocean that is teaming with life, from sharks to little hermit crabs it has it all. If you are a sea food lover then you are in the right place, its cheap, fresh and plentiful. If you ever get the chance to join us for an adventure down there you will not be disappointed; you can learn to surf in the morning, eat fresh fish-lobster lunch, explore tropical fruit plantains in the afternoon and then take a sun set Paraglide in the evening. What more can you ask for?

I will try my best to keep this more up date, but hey when life is this busy and fun every minute is important

Bartolome Island 

012 coordinates 0 ° 49''0 "N 91 ° 0''0" O 
Country Ecuador 
Natural rate 
Criteria (vii) (viii) (ix) (x) 
No identification 1 
Región2 Latin America and Caribbean 
Registration Year 1978 (Session II) 
Year extension 2001 
Endangered Since 2007 
1 Name as UNESCO official 
2 Classification according to UNESCO 
The Galapagos Islands (in Spanish archipelago of Columbus) are an archipelago located 1,050 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador. Politically they are a province of this country, whose capital is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. It is made up of 13 large volcanic islands, 6 smaller islands and 107 rocks and islets, which are distributed around the equator line of the land. Receives the appeal of Enchanted Islands. 
It is estimated that the formation of the first island took place more than 5 million years, as a result of tectonic activity. The islands most recent calls Isabela and Fernandina, are still in process of formation, having recorded the most recent volcanic eruption in 2005. 
The Galapagos Islands are famous for their many endemic species and studies of Charles Darwin that led him to establish his theory of evolution by natural selection