Black sheep Inn

Thank you for your email. First of all let me say its great to have you on board of one of our adventures! Personally, I would recommend the Black Sheep Inn but its entirely up to you. These are a few comments about the Eco-lodge:


"Top 10 Ecolodges in the World" - Outside Magazine


"Lovely multi-award-winning guesthouse... Tasty vegetarian cooking..." - Rough Guide to Ecuador 2007


" ecohostel - is one of the nicest in Ecuador." - Foder''s South America 2007


"...lovely eco-friendly resort... excellent vegetarian dinner...Highly Recommended... " - Footprint''s Ecuador & Galapagos 2007


"...a truly special place to unwind...If you''re interested in ecotourism you''ll fall in love with it." - Lonely Planet Ecuador & the Galapagos 2006


"...a model of ecological sustainability..." - Moon Handbooks: Ecuador 2005


"Highly recommended" - South American Handbook 2005


"...oasis of idealism: the Black Sheep Inn...a completely organic mountainside complex..." - Let''s Go Ecuador 2005


"...the much loved Black Sheep Inn, a good base for hiking..." - South America On A Shoestring 2004


"The best place to stay is the Black Sheep Inn..." - Traveler''s Ecuador Companion


"Spectacular scenery and plenty of activity options..." - Open Road Publishing, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands Guide 2000


As far as payments go, we recommend bank transfer to show transparency of fund movement. I Jonathon Stanton, can take payments in Pounds, US Dollars & Euros to a number of banks in the UK, Ecuador or off shore International banks.Not to mention the fact we can sort out exchange rates too! There is the option of paying by paypal but this will incur surcharges.

As far as your jungle trip...if you are interested in deep jungle, I would recommend that you take a flight to one of the deep jungle lodges, as otherwise you will spend the majority of the 4 days getting there. One of these such lodges is Kapawi lodge. Below is a link to an article written by a past client about the Kapawi Lodge so you can check it out for an unbiased opinion:

I''m not sure what your budget is for the jungle trip but the Kapawi lodge is definitely worth it but quite pricy. I will phone them tomorrow to find out pricing for this lodge, as I don''t have the exact details. If you choose a trip like this one, we would not have to find two more people to go on the tour as we would not be driving you there. If this type of trip interests you please let me know?

Well let me know what you think and I hope to hear back from you soon,